Company Profile

Ergogenic Labs was established to improve the quality of life for patients through cutting edge medicine and personalized service. Our state of the art facility was designed for compounding and exceeds USP 797 regulations. Our specialized team of pharmacists and technicians lead the way in providing exceptional care to physicians and their patients through compounding.

What makes us different?

Our main focus is quality but our number one priority is safety. All prescriptions go through extensive quality assurance checks to be certain the product was compounded precisely in a clean and regulated lab. Our laboratory contains state of the art equipment including safety containment powder hoods, certified analytical scales and exceeds the USP 797 regulations. We go through detailed product testing that includes sending samples to a 3rd party laboratory for potency and stability analysis. Every medication dispensed in our pharmacy goes through a 3 point check verification which virtually eliminates inaccuracies to ensure the highest quality products.

Dr. Randy Rubenstein DVM

Nassagaweya Equine Services
1991 - Present (22 years)

Professional Veterinary Practice specializing in equine race horse sports medicine
Developing new medical treatments for the equine athlete
Management and education of horse trainers in equine health maintenance
Providing employment/coop opportunities for future veterinary students
Providing professional advice to the Standardbred Race Horse industry

Scott J Mangini

Pharmacist and Managing Partner

Scott graduated from Rutgers and has been a licensed pharmacist for over 20 years. Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and has result driven attitude and organizational acumen he that is unrivaled.

What is Compounding?

Compounding is the art and science of mising medications to an exact dose and strength according to directions given by a patient's doctor. Every compound from our center is specifically made and catered to the patient.


Our topical pain and anti-inflammatory creams reduce pain and swelling in localized areas while reducing the undesirable side effects associated with oral medications. We combine several potent prescription strength ingredients in one easy to apply cream.